Massachusetts Civil Service Commission Promotional Bypass Appeal:


The is a "Memorandum of Decision and Order" related to a case involving the promotion of a police officer named Douglas Cronin to the position of sergeant. The Town of Arlington bypassed Cronin for promotion and chose lower-ranked candidates instead. Cronin appealed to the Civil Service Commission, which found that the Town had failed to substantiate some of the reasons for bypassing him and ordered his name to be placed at the top of the eligible candidates' list for consideration in the future.

The Town challenged the Commission's decision in court, seeking judicial review. The court reviewed the case and concluded that the Town had reasonable justification for bypassing Cronin and vacated the Commission's decision. The court discussed the concept of "reasonable justification" and emphasized that the Commission should not substitute its judgment for that of the Town as long as the Town's decision was supported by valid reasons.

The court found that while the Commission identified flaws in the bypass procedure, the Town had reasonable justification for its decision to bypass Cronin based on concerns about his judgment and leadership qualities. Therefore, the court ordered the Commission's decision to be vacated.

In summary, the document discusses a legal case involving the promotion of a police officer, the Commission's decision to place him on the promotion list, the Town's challenge to that decision, and the court's ruling that the Town's decision was valid and the Commission's decision should be vacated.

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