My Course Reflection

As we approach the end of Home Based Care - Home Based Education, we would like to invite you to reflect on your participation on this course. Some people find it useful to record their experience by writing them down on paper. The Reflective Model below might help you to break this task down into manageable component parts.

Atkins model for course reflection

Source: Atkins, S. and Murphy, K. (1994) Reflective Practice. Nursing Standard 8(39) 49-56.

You could use the above model in the following way:

Awareness: You were aware of your need to do the course. You might like to describe your feelings pre-course and why you sought out training.

Describe the Situation: Here you can describe the course, paying special attention to how you felt while doing the course, for example, how did it feel to participate in Forums where you were sharing sensitive information. Were there any particular 'stand out' moments on the course for you? If so, describe them and what they meant to you.

Analyse Feelings and Knowledge: Here you can try to analyse what you have learned and what it has felt like to come across new meanings / choices / interpretations. Have these caused you to think about doing things differently?  

Evaluate the relevance of knowledge: Does any new knowledge / perspectives gleaned from your participation on the course help in resolving / improving your care situation? If so describe giving some examples.

Identify any learning: Having completed the course are there still gaps in your knowledge? What more do you need to do to improve in practical ways your care situation?

Use the model provided above, or if you prefer, just write down your thoughts and feelings on what participating on this course has meant for you. Has the course changed you as a carer, and if so, how?